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" For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth:" Job 19:25

 A web page with a message of redemption for our relatives, friends, and ebay customers: "Gifts For The Home"
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This page was last updated: September 6, 2015
Ps 107:2 "Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, ...:"
Tract Testimonies
ebay  Gifts for the Home customer 08/28/15
Dear Mr. Bird, Just a note to a fellow Christian, Norman and I belong to the ......Church at Waynesburg, Kentucky.  It was a pleasure when we unpacked the ice cream freezer to find 1 of "our tracts", Norman and I give these to people also.
He (Norman) received one from a man at the mall years ago when he was still a lost man. He read it several times and credits that with helping him to see his (lost) condition. He was saved 5 years ago at the age of 73. We are still praising God; He is so good!
Wish you well and if ever this way: come worship with us!
Love in Christ
Norman and Jane A.; Waynesburg, Kentucky

ebay  Gifts for the Home customer 01/05/2015
Thank you for the prompt service on the.... that I ordered from you through eBay. The condition was better than I expected.
Thank you also for sharing your Christian testimony through the Bible Tract in the package. I am a Christian businessman also and try to utilize gospel tracts whenever
I can. Thanks  for reminding me that they are looked at. I am now encouraged to do more.
God bless you,
Virgil D.; Howard, OH

ebay Gifts for the Home customer 12/22/2014
Dear Mr Bird, Thank you for the Gospel Tract an Pacific Garden Mission stories page. Nice to see your witness for Christ!
Angela, W.; LaGrange GA

ebay Gifts for the Home customer 9/02/2014
......Most of all, I enjoyed the track that was enclosed. I know it my heart that I am going to be with Jesus. I have surrendered my life to him. I am saved by grace.
 I attend church, read the Word and worship the Lord. I read it in entirety and then visited the Redeemer website, which was great! We have to share it more so we have       more visitors. It has lots of valuable information that needs to be shared with the world. Thanks for sharing and I hope to eBuy from you again. God loves u and so do I.
Mary W., Wildwood, FL

ebay Gifts for the Home customer 9/02/2014:
The Raggedy Ann & Andy ornament arrived today. Thank you. I also appreciate the enclosed gospel tract. My family are Christians and invovled in several ministries: Awana, Child Evangelism Fellowship, and Gideons. Keep on spreading the Good News!
Jean B., Owens Cross Roads, AL

ebay Gifts for the Home customer 6/23/2014:
Thank you for the pamphlet you enclosed with my crockpot cookbook on being born again. It is very special to me and I apreciate it. Thanks again!
        Peg S., Enola, PA

ebay Gifts for the Home customer 4/19/2014:
I received a tract in an e-bay purchase. It could not have come at a better time. It was how to be sure of heaven. I have been afraid of dying especially lately. I have had a surgery a couple of weeks ago and will have Hernia surgery on Monday. I am afraid. I believe in the lord. I have continued to sin. I want to put sin out of my life. Pray for me as I undergo this surgery. Pray that I have the strength to become a better Christian. Thank you for the message of the lord. May god bless each and every member of your church. My name is Robert from Virginia.....I AM BLESSED WITH MANY BIBLES KJV.
Robert B. , Virginia
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